Correx "Esmeralda - 150"

Correx "Esmeralda - 150" Correx "Esmeralda - 150" main-image
Correx "Esmeralda - 150"
Correx "Esmeralda - 150" Correx "Esmeralda - 150"

Foodstuff and bakeries packaging are made of modern material PET, that widely used throughout the world for the production of trays for the food industry.

We can propouse two types of universal packaging:

„сlamshells” for ready-to-eat food:

  • different ready-cooked products
  • salads
  • desserts
  • cookies and sweets
  • which are sold by weight

сorrex packaging for bakery:

  • chocolate and jelly sweets
  • marshmallow
  • cookies, crackers, wafer rolls
  • gingerbread and biscuits

Assortment Capacity Size, mm Packages in a box, pcs Net weight, g Width, mm Length, mm Height, mm Material Packaging arrangement
Correx "Esmeralda - 150" 150 g 237x84x41 620 8 84 237 41 PET
Available colours :

Benefits and characteristics of foodstuff packaging Alfa-Sintez produced

  • Reliability. The packaging form good fixes bakery pieces, strong locks prevent spontaneous opening of the trays.
  • Durability. Ensures the safety of the product during storage and transportation
  • Ecological standards. All products are made of certified PET film, which has permission for contact with food products. This is confirmed by the Declarations of Compliance, issued by not only Ukrainian Certification Authorities but also Eurasian and European unions
  • Additional features. Our equipment allows to produce films of any color for food containers: single-layer (PET) and multilayer or laminated (PET/PE, ET/EVOH/PE, PET/EVOH/PEEL/PE)